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Data Speaks Truth

The 2020 census data is a startling surprise to many. For others the data are confirmation of reality.

We are a multiracial nation.

Thanks to a handful of determined professionals, who did flinch under pressure, we have census data based on rigorous and reliable analysis - done by statisticians dedicated to excellence and who did not fall prey to partisan manipulation.

We owe these women and men a debt of gratitude.

The data, just now being released, tell us that for the first time since

the number of White people in America dropped and is now at 57.8%. The Hispanic population has doubled over the past three decades and now stands at 18.7%. And now, many people finally feel free to own their multiracial identity. In fact, 33.8 million people identify as multiracial. That’s a whopping 276% increase.

It’s time to celebrate diversity.

Businesses who don’t won’t survive. Now is the time to let GROW-DEI help you explore how to unlock empathetic truths and create a culture of belonging.


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