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Finally. A Guilty Verdict.

But really, why did it take so long? As with Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein was protected by 

his wealth, 

his gender and

his privilege. 

Women had been speaking about it for years. 

Some only to themselves, having been silenced by the predator.

Others quietly, having been shamed by the predator. 

Others to authorities, too often not believed. 

Others publicly, then torn to shreds on social media.


Because women are not valued in the same way men are.

It’s time to change the value structure. It’s time to – 

Respect women equally.

Believe women equally.

Educate women equally. 

Pay women equally. 

Promote women equally.

Protect women equally. 

Value women equally.

So yes. YES. It’s about Time’s Up!



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