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Today the GROW website officially launches with offerings designed to break with the traditions of the past and collaboratively facilitate solutions to complex DEI challenges. While my blog musings have a longer history, today is the birth day of the website.

Consulting, exclusively dedicated to DEI is new for me. Put it's a perfect fit and leverages my years of advertising industry experience and even more years studying it. Using that experience, I’ve crafted qualitative research methods that seek to unlock empathetic truths to help build a culture of belonging and nurture a diverse creative workforce, creating brave spaces for truthful reckonings. To shape a diverse and inclusive culture of belongings my approach begins with fact finding and goal setting, while encouraging bravery and cultivating empathy, as ad agencies and marketing firms seek-put, promote and retain diverse talent – in the process breaking down old models and creating reimagined inclusive organizational structures.

DEI work is impossible to do alone. So too was this launch. Thus, today’s blog post is really a celebration of the three talented and diverse young professionals who helped me prepare for this launch.

Meghan Collins is the ever patient, meticulous, creative mind behind this website. She adeptly brought to life many of the concepts that dance in my head. Meghan is also a volunteer at one of GROW’s Community Partners, Islands of Brilliance.

Briana Mercado is the producer for a series of short Truthteller videos, which will be available in the not-too-distant future. She a talented videographer, conversant with the latest social media trends, and one of GROW’s TruthTellers.

Damaris Zita is my intern and my reverse mentor who has guided me in the land of Instagram, and along the way shared knowledge from another generation and enriched my life. She also brings a youthful POV as one of GROW’s TruthTellers.

Anything is possible when you are surrounded by a great team! Thank you for being that team.


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