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Inclusivity Has No Boundaries

Take a listen to International Perspectives as Chris Arming, Dr. Marta Mensa and I explore perspectives from beyond the United States, as inclusivity has no boundaries.

Chris Arning is a British semiotician who has decades of semiotic branding experience and is now a semiotic trainer. Dr. Marta Mensa is a Catalonian born Latina gender specialist, who has spent more than a decade living and working in Mexico and South America. Their global points of views provide unique perspectives to the complexity of intersectionality and its impact on DEI work.

In GROW’s International Perspectives podcast Chris teases out the nuanced differences between American and British perspectives and then dives deeply into semiotic implications. Marta brings a richer understanding to the shifting complexity of gender and how national identity shapes our understanding of gender and identity.

Give me a shout if you’d like to incorporate international perspectives into your agency’s DEI work. Chris and I can help you tease out misaligned representations though semiotics, with a Creative Audit. Marta and I can facilitate a rethinking of gender identity with Truths Coaching. Or I can craft a Truth Telling sessions that explores cross-cultural identity and its impact on consumer and brand identity.

Whatever your DEI needs, GROW can help you unlock empathetic truths.


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