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My heart is heavy.

The politics of these days, with a mob of terrorists, wreaking havoc on the United States Capital and thus, the foundation of our democracy, has been truly awful. The devastating damage it has done to our country is, honestly, yet to be known.

My heart is heavier still.

I watched with horror as the images unfolded before me. Yet, what brought the heaviness to my chest was not these images, as horrific as they were. It was the image I remembered and retrieved. An image of troops lined up, during Black Lives Matter protests, to “protect” our national monuments from people with Black skin. While a mob of terrorist with white skin were met with little police presence. The differential treatment those white terrorists received, and the POV they represent, makes my blood boil. White people have caused so much pain, to so many generations of Black and brown people.

Today, I simply feel shame.

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