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Silence Is No Longer An Option

A raft of new laws are impacting women’s ability to function as full and equal citizens, including a bill that was approved yesterday in Oklahoma.

Please tell me how women, who more and more cannot control their own bodies, are supposed to function as professionals on equal footing with men? And White professional women have advantages that working class women do not.

Silence is no longer an option.

I recently published an editorial in the Journal of Hospital Medicine making the case that “women's right to control their own bodies, including their reproduction, is far more complicated than simply the choice to keep or terminate a pregnancy. Poverty, access to care, pre‐existing conditions, sexual violence, and trust in those who care for us often tumble together to create a much more complex decision‐making process.”

I invite you to read this article—my story—because “the fight for equity and justice, which has framed my life's work, requires that I no longer remain silent. The consequences for American women's reproductive rights and their ability to live full and healthy lives—indeed, their very liberty and equality under the law—are far too perilous.”


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