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This is the day I launch my first Radically Honest Podcast. Every other week I’ll spent a few minutes musing about recent experiences, experiences from the past or just exploring an idea – out loud. Whatever it is, these podcasts will be short and Radically Honest. I hope they will inspire all of us to consider the possibilities of what DEI can be – and to revisit our approaches to DEI while challenging our own preconceptions about what DEI is.

Today I want to talk the fact I’ve noticed this rush to jump into DEI without doing the front-end work to make it stick. Rather, it seems that the flavor du jour of DEI work is based on the smorgasbord. Let’s just walk up and down the line, grabbing everything that looks yummy. We can fill up our plate and then gobble it up! Of course, the meal won’t be memorable. And given that you consumed too much, and nothing really was paired to go with the next thing, you’ll probably also have a stomachache.

Yup – that’s the pattern.

Besides getting a stomachache, you may be wasting your money. If you’re like many agencies today, you didn’t do the front-end work to find out what the heck is actually going on before you brought in your smorgasbord of one-off speakers. Without honest internal intel – leading to measurable goals and guiding principles – how can you know what to focus on what and/or who are the problems?

Take a listen.

You'll find it under Podcasts. Then give me a call. I’d be delighted to come in and help you get on track. We’ll likely begin by blowing up your current DEI plan and starting over. Then you’ll need to put some serious cash behind your DEI plan and get your executive team out in front – where they need to be. Keeping listening and let me know what you think.


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