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Stand With Women

I rewrote my International Women’s Day post after last night and I was not standing in my kitchen. 

In 2022, the year American women lost the right to control their bodies and their reproduction, North America was the largest market for erectile dysfunction drugs, accounting for 51.7% of global revenue. 

That same year, just weeks before Roe was over-turned, I published an editorial of the Journal of Hospital Medicine sharing my personal experience with medical complications, poverty, and abortion. The message within this article (which you can find in my publications)

is as important today as it was then. Perhaps more so. 

Consider this irony. Last year Pfizer reported advertising spending of nearly $2.8 billion, allocating a significant portion to DTC advertising with Viagra near the top of its spending list. Cialis (Eli Lilly) was not far behind. 

To the advertising agencies profiting off work promoting erectile dysfunction drugs — while our mothers, daughter, and sisters cannot control their own bodies — I say it is time to take a stand. 

Stand with women.


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