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The Disruptor Speaks

Late last year I interviewed Kat Gordon, while in San Francisco. Goodby Silverstein & Partners was kind enough to provide the production facilitates and team. This week the interview, The Disruptor Speaks, was published in the Spring 2020 issue of Advertising & Society QuarterlyThis article features five video segments, with narrative setups. Watch one or watch them all. It’s open access for the next three months. So, take your time and enjoy the show. 

Now, if you don’t know who Kat Gordon is – let me tell you, you need to. Kat is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the 3 Percent Movement and a force of nature. In 2012 Kat launched what was then the 3 Percent Conference. It quickly became a movement. By 2016, Kat was named an Ad Week “Disruptor.” And in 2018 she was named “Visionary of the Year” by Advertising Age. Since launching the 3 Percent Movement, Kat has had an unprecedented impact on the advertising industry. Through 3 Percent, Kat has launched Gender Equity Certification, Creativity Bias and 21stCentury Male Allyship programing, among many other programs – all of which have had profound impact on the advertising industry, particularly on the women who work within it. 

The piece is cut into five segments. Each as at least one short video clip and all have a short narrative set up. Laying the Foundation maps out Kat’s early career. The Launch focuses on the early evolution of 3%. 3Percent’s Impact outlines the movements impact on the advertising industry. The Power of Diversity explores the existential threat that the lack of diversity plays within the advertising industry. Beyond 3 Percent looks at how the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up/Advertising have impacted the advertising industry and teases out what’s ahead for 3%. 

Kat’s influence extends from the grassroots, with a diverse group of young creatives, whom she inspires, to the c-suite executive, where she is greatly admired – and sometimes feared. After listening to her you will understand why Kat Gordon is, simply, a force of nature. 

Enjoy the interview. Jean


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