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What's Next for Advertising

What’s Next explores the top priorities of 25 executive women who helped launched Time’s Up/Advertising. It focuses on what they envision for themselves, their agencies, the advertising industry and the Time’s Up/Advertising organization.

In short, these women feel a grave responsibility to keep the momentum moving forward. That begins with holding “ourselves a hell of a lot more accountable.” Measurable change topped the list of expectations for their agencies. There’s a desire to move beyond the four walls of their shops to secure talent and enrich ideas. “Clients expect no less.” They’re also concerned that advertising industry conversations around Time’s Up/Advertising are growing quiet. Making “opportunities where you can have industry conversations as a whole” is imperative to building trust. They also want to see “ambitious steps to ensure that all agencies are addressing the fundamentals of diversity.” As for Time’s Up/Advertising, these women want “more structured ways to participate” and ramped up transparency.

These executives urge honest, empathic sharing because “all the cloak and dagger stuff behind the scenes is hurting men as much as it’s hurting women.” Yet, they argue, “empathy can only get you so far.” Their wisdom is a guide to the advertising industry’s “north star.” Check out What’s Next and pass it along. If you’d like to know more about me or my work, feel free to reach out.



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