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Why Just February?

As I was considering what to write on the first day of Black History Month, I was again stuck by the irony of celebrating Black achievements for one month when these should always be celebrated - just as White achievements are.

Yes, I clearly know why we do this. But still, I am asking the question out loud. I’m doing this because we need to say more things out load. We need to give voice to truth, at the very least, because it helps White people see what is often opaque to them – just how powerful White, largely patriarchal, structures truly are.

In an effort to break these structures down - to make them for visible - my blog will keep calling out these unspoken truths, as will my posts on Medium. I’ve also invited my TruthTellers and Collaborators to contribute to this blog. So, stay tuned as GROW continues to celebrate diversity in all its beautiful forms – and not just during its ascribed month.

Still it is February 1, so how about taking a relisten to the amazing wordsmith and change-maker Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem. At 22, Ms. Gorman embodies both the spirit of the great Black civic leaders of past generations and creativity of the next generation of Black writers.

Advertising agencies take note. Next time you say you cannot find Black creatives; I’m going to tell you haven’t looked very hard!


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