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Tiya Miles’s ALL THAT SHE CARRIED: The Journey of Ashley’s Sack, a Black Family Keepsake, is a masterpiece.

I thought I had a grasp on Black history in America. I did not.

Despite the fact, I’ve read countless books, conducted much research, do DEI consulting, and have close friends across a spectrum of “difference;” yet, each time I picked up this book I felt humbled by the strength that radiates off its pages. ALL THAT SHE CARRIED reveals both the depth of human cruelty and betrayal and the astounding love that transcends time and space. And all of it woven together by tracking the genesis of a simply sack that transcended time.

Tiya Miles writes with the gravatas of a sage, pulling together a narrative that explores the history of enslaved Black women in all their tenacious beauty and glory.

You cannot begin to understand Black history without reading this book.


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