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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who will join the United States Supreme Court as the first Black woman in the court’s 233-year history. She joins the court having served as a federal judge longer than any current member of the Supreme Court. Judge Jackson brings with her exceptional credentials, an unimpeachable character, and an unwavering dedication to the rule of law—despite how some have portrayed her.

Still what strikes me with awe is the advice Justice Jackson offered to young people, especially young Black women. The advice came in the form of a personal experience as a young student as she walked alone across Harvard yard, a campus that was nothing like she had ever experienced. She crossed paths with another Black woman, someone she did not know and whom she never saw again. As the woman passed by she lean toward Jackson and simply whispered, “persevere.”

Thank you Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Your perseverance has paid off for the benefit of all Americans.



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