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During a  recent overnight in the hospital (nothing big) I had inspiring conversations with my (all young) nurses. One of them asked me for reading recommendations. After I shared it, I thought why not share this with others. Here you go with a few comments...

MUST CITES (my stacked go-to academic must cites)

  • Women & Leadership are the top Harvard Biz Review articles, quick and meaty

  • Darkness Now Visible is a quick depressing, albeit hopeful, reading about patriarchy

  • Invisible Women is chock full of stats

  • Rage Becomes Her speaks to how women mask their justified anger, it's intense

COULD NOT RESIST (ones I could not resist owning that fill my bookshelves)

  • Women Who Launch is a fun read, little clips about women from across time and disciplines doing amazing things

  • Unfinished Business is Slaughter's response to Lean-In, it’s marvelous 

  • Dog Whistles is not about gender, it tackles race and it's depressingly great

  • Rosin’s the End of Men is an uplifting (to a degree) book and she’s a energizing writer

  • Loved Cokie Roberts (RIP) and this is, of course, historical politics

  • Deborah Tannen writes about gendered communication styles

I would love to know what you think about these and am open to other suggestions.


gender, gender equity, women's leadership


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